METEOR S.A. is a Romanian legal entity, founded on december 28, 1990, registered with the Trade Register under no. J40/32/1990 and Unique Tax Registration Code no. 361340, RO attribute.

It works as a joint stock company under company’s law no. 31 / march 22, 1991, republished, having as main activity “Renting and subrenting owned or leased real estate” code 6820 according to National Classification of Economic Activities – “CAEN”.

Business of the company is focused on rental of owned commercial street premises.

We proposed and realized long-lasting relationships with each of our partners - tenants.

METEOR S.A. policy is to develop partnerships based on trust and performance.

Our professional team anticipates partners needs, understands their necessities and offer solutions adapted to each typology’s and requests. We are recommended in the real estate field by the fact that we consistently manage to identify the best solutions on the market.

Some of our business partners are:

Banking and financial institutions

Alpha Bank România S.A. (Alpha Bank), Banca Românească S.A. (Banca Românească), Banca Transilvania S.A. (Banca Transilvania), BRD - Groupe Societe Generale S.A. (BRD - Groupe Societe Generale), ING Bank N. V. Amsterdam S.A. (ING), Libra Internet Bank S.A. (Libra Internet Bank), OTP Bank România S.A. (OTPBANK), Raiffeisen Bank S.A. (Raiffeisen BANK);

Beauty salons:

Anastasia Beauty Image S.R.L. (Anastasia Beauty Center), Beauty Leader Solutions S.R.L. (Guinot Institut Paris), Hypermed Life Care Social S.R.L.(Life Care Social), Stoenescu Anton Studio 2018 S.R.L. (Toni Stoenescu);


Max Bet S.R.L. (Max Bet), Sport Ten BMG S.R.L. (Euro Games), Win Boss S.R.L. (Win Boss);

Design & interior decoration:

Ax Perpetuum Impex S.R.L. (Perpetuum), OSEA INTERIORS S.R.L (Osea Interiors), Vicla Impex S.R.L. (Vicla Parquet);


Coris Cosmetice S.R.L. (Coris Cosmetice), Pepco Retail S.R.L. (Pepco), Ralf Serv Com S.R.L. (Ralf Mercerie), R&R Boutique S.R.L. (R&R Boutique), Maison Cori S.R.L. (Maison Cori);

Food & beverage:

Amsa Partner S.R.L. (RO dog), Ana Co S.R.L. (Ana Pan), Berezka Stores S.R.L. (Berezka), Cla Meat Group S.R.L. (Măcelărie), Hedone Café S.R.L. (Hedone Café), Japanos Friends S.R.L. (Japanos), Speciality Coffee S.R.L. (Level UP Speciality Coffee), Tip Top Food Industry S.R.L. (Tip Top), Therapyfood S.R.L. (Mom), The Coffee House Concept S.R.L. (The Coffee House), Yorijori Food S.R.L. (K-FOOD);


Laboratoarele Synlab S.R.L. (Synlab), Lumiere Optique S.R.L. (OptiLumiere), Medical Optik S.R.L. (Medical Optik), Twin Dent S.R.L. (Twin Dent);

Insurance companies:

Allianz - Țiriac Asigurări S.A. (Allianz - Țiriac), Bertus S.R.L. (BSG Amanet & Exchange), I.F.N. International Business Impex S.R.L. (BSG Amanet & Exchange), I.F.N. Beta Management S.R.L. (Midas Amanet & Schimb valutar);

Other services providers:

CONP - D & G S.R.L. (Leonidas), Elysee Concept S.R.L. (Elysee), Procer Global S.R.L.( Procer Company), Express Wash Services S.R.L. (Express Wash), Express Copy S.R.L., Lexplore Acadelia S.R.L. (Bufnița din Tei), Technoconcept Expert S.R.L. (T&T Consulting - myPanasonic);


Help Farm S.R.L. (Help Net), Help Net Farma S.R.L. (Help Net), Nutrifarm S.R.L. (Cabinet Veterinar), Sensiblu S.R.L. (Sensiblu);

Sport bets:

Superbet Betting & Gaming S.A. (Superbet), Total Rent S.R.L. (Fortuna), Westgate România S.R.L. (Stanleybet);


Mega Image S.R.L. (Mega Image), Profi Rom Food S.R.L. (Profi);


RCS & RDS S.A. (Digi), Telekom România Mobile Communications S.A. (Telekom).